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Alpina series includes tables tops made of Soft Wood. This is a small growth wood, which guarantees greater stability and density of the wood. White, we are showing it with a rough texture that gives it a rustic look.

This series includes all table tops made of Ash wood. Ash is a wood with character, which transmits the intensity in its contrast of ivory and chocolate. The effects provoked by the rings growth are intense sensations. These contrasts are highlighted even more if the table top is finished with inlays of natural resin. Ash is a very stable wood with exceptional behavior.


Elm is a light brown or reddish brown wood, with very marked growth rings that give each piece great exclusivity and beauty. We vaporized it, unifying the reddish tones. Of extraordinary resistance it has been used traditionally in great constructions. Elm is a very difficult wood to be obtain. This is the reason why it is a highly cotized wood.

Congo is the series of table tops made of Tali wood. Its texture is soft and pleasant, which transmits calm and quiet. Its outline is irregular and varied, giving each piece an exotic aspect. It emphasizes its reddish color that brings great elegance to each piece. His behavior is stable and long-lasting. Ideal for outdoor environments.


The Olive tree is the most famous Mediterranean bush, hence the name of this series. It is an exceptional wood, very veined and with a color that transmits intensity, strength and character. Main charactheristic of the pieces that are presented here is their size and their age around 800 years old.

Named Quercus refers to the table tops made of Oak wood. The Oak is a noble wood and with recognized prestige. It transmits elegance and sweetness. His uniform color and his calm aspect creates warmed environments. The Oak has a stable behavior and an exquisite reputation.


The Iroko is a wood of yellowish tones and dazzling quality. Its yellow tones in the heartwood of the wood contrast with the whitish sapwoods contours, giving an exotic and unequaled appearance. Iroko wood is recommend for the outdoor environments and can be use anywhere.



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